I was a late starter in the broadcasting industry and have had many jobs since leaving school. Don’t get me wrong I’d always wanted to do something in media from a young age but during my school days I would have been laughed at if I’d said that out loud! So I’ve been everything from a European lorry driver to a Bank Clerk, including a cook and a kiss-o-gram! When I did happen to mention what I wanted to do out loud I just happened to be in the right place at the right time and out of pure luck ended up covering shifts for absent newsreaders at Downtown Radio and Cool FM.

Now life is more settled. After a failed marriage I’m now engaged to ‘The one and only’ and have two fantastic kids who are growing up way too fast! I have a ginger Tom Cat at home called Jerry who I took in a few years ago as a stray. He got two weeks worth of mentions on the show to try and find his owners but we weren’t successful and so he stayed with me and is much loved.

I’ve always loved music and can clearly remember playing my parents vinyl ABBA and The Carpenters albums, maybe a little Boney M and Nolan Sisters chucked in for good measure. I can thankfully say I have my own music tastes now but can listen to anything really from Mozart to Slipknot! Favourite bands at the moment are My Chemical Romance and 30 Seconds to Mars. I’ve followed both bands for the last 7 years and been trying to educate others and it seems to be working! I do enjoy most of the music we play on the Breakfast Show but I guess I’m just a Rocker at heart.

I love going to live gigs and get very excited when summertime comes around and the festivals begin. I thoroughly enjoy Oxegen, a music fest held near Dublin every year. This is one of the weekends each year when I can let my hair down and have some fun.

As well as music I am a lover of films and have far too many favourites to mention. Anything with Tom Hanks usually goes down extremely well, he’s such a legend and I do love a good horror and thought the Paranormal Activity films were excellent even though I had problems sleeping after watching! When it comes to TV I don’t really get that much time to sit and watch mind numbing TV. I prefer educational documentaries that cover wildlife issues, medical problems etc…. I am prone to some Daytime TV such as Supernanny (normally need a tissue at the end of the programme), Jo Frost rocks! And have been known to watch a whole weeks worth of Come Dine with me in an afternoon whilst trying to nap on the sofa before the kids arrive home from school!